guitarist  --  bassist  --  drummer

Larry King Live

Macy Gray was asked to contribute to the victims of the Katrina disaster and performed at many events and functions, including “Larry King Live.”  With only 12 hours notice for me to prepare and arrange the tune the song became a moving tribute to Bob Marley and for the victims of the disaster. After the show Larry King came up to me, put his arm around me and said, “Son, over a half a billion people watched that performance, and it was beautiful.”

Macy Gray

During my years with Macy I was given many hats to wear come showtime and one of them was to pay loving tribute to Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” where I sported a racing suit and wrote out those cards EVERY night. It was the highlight of her show and always got the crowd up and dancing.

Guitarist, bassist and drummer from the age of 9, Jeffrey has contributed to and played in many groups and solo acts throughout the Southern California area.

Jamming with two dear friends, Gene Baker and the late Ronnie Montrose at Wild West Guitars in Riverside, California. Gene was Ronnie’s guitar builder for years and we had many jam sessions late into the night. I was also the first employee and shop manager for Wild West Guitars.

One of many events that I performed with Macy, this one for 10 Cane Rum with a fantastic band featuring Marina Bambino, Cassandra O’Neil, Bucket Baker and of course Macy. I also played bass for her for some shows she did when she had the “Macy Gray Academy” a music school she sponsored in North Hollywood a while back.

Backing up Gene Baker somewhere up Pismo Beach way, I’ve been blessed to backup Gene on drums, bass and guitars for years and it just keeps getting better and more fun every time.

At the world famous Lighthouse Cafe in Hermosa Beach, California with Kirk Fletcher, Scott Whyte, Jimmy Paxson on drums (not pictured) and an unknown bass player.

With my brothers in Higher Ground,
drummer Robert Harrington and bassist Rick Williams.