I have contracted and/or built a number of studios for my clients from small wiring and setup applications all the way to complete ground-up construction. Here are just a few examples of some of the projects I have done.

Electrical and acoustic treatment installations
for Bamboo Recorders, Los Angeles, Ca.

I contracted and built the two main studios for the Macy Gray Music Academy in  North Hollywood, CA.

This was a complete re-design and re-build of the sound bunker/studio known as Scumbag Studios where all Scumbag speakers are made and tested. On this project we used the latest sound-proofing materials and the client was very pleased with the sonic qualities of the finished room.

One of my first studio clients Meredith Brooks, in one of her home studios that she and I worked on in the early days of ProTools. (note my borrowed Apple Power Mac 7200 she used for some of her early beta testing for Avid)
She is a very qualified ProTools producer and engineer.

     The Green Room - Lawndale, California